“Life is like a Box of Chocolates” – Days 263 and 264

“The Heath” Day 263
His life is like a perturbation
Perilously mingling along speculative fiction.
Rending the babe of it’s mothers teet
Despairing, transpose his entrails
leaving it to redress the world.
Verity is but a vacant ideal
Assailable only to those in power.
For they write it, and hoodwinks us.
Hold, prate to me hither so I may know
What is it your heart does speak;
I am credulous yet skeptical
And you are standing there in your mockery,
You foul this land with your infirm tidings
Apace with you and do not forget the Heath.

Life is like a box of chocolate Day 264
Life is like a box of chocolates
Leave it alone too long and it melts.
Twisting and turning, fragmenting;
It becomes something else entirely.


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