“Swept Away” Days 252- 255

The Winds Blow In Day 252
And winds blow in from the south
Bringing rian, and the changing of the times.
Raindrops sticking to the pavement
Mark the start of spring time again.
Where life is bursting into bloom.

Don’t Care Day 253
I hope to life that you can see this.
Look into my eyes and tell me
That you never noticed.
That I am falling faster,
I hope that you don’t care at all.

Swept Away Day 254
In the air the wind whispers in your ear.
Talking of times come and went.
He echoes of some violent tribulation,
And the wind swept away the past.
Reminding us “Not all that is lasts.”

Fel-Night Day 255
Past winters twilight
And ancient windows


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