“Satan is a Woman” – Days 249 – 251

Satan is a Woman – Nikki Sanchez’s solo Day 249
Satan is a woman,
The snake did not exist.
the demon’s in the woman.
She was in the garden!

Momma, I know your name!
I know where you’ve been.
I know who you are!

Lucifine, you are to blame.
For the fall of man.
You were there in the garden of Eden,
Why did you do this to us?
Lucifine, you evil witch,
You’ve made me a son of bitch,
Not just any, but i’m the son of Satan.

Mother I know your game.

Hayley Flowers Solo Day 250
Father, where did you go?
Why did you die?
Now I’m here all alone.
We’ve uprooted and fled.
All that was left of you,
And all I want is to be home again.

She wants to start something new.
But I just want to be there with you.

So I grabbed my guitar,
Wrote you a song,
And I sang a song in your memory.
Maybe my wounds can heal,
And momma won’t be lost anymore.

Nikki and Hayley’s Duet Day 251


Why did you go?
Was it something that I did,
Was it something that I said?
Why god, have you done this to me?
I swear I’m not the only one,
I’m not the only asking this.
I’m just a child, with no place to go.
Mother, what was going through your head?
Did you love me?
Or do you just want me dead?

Lucifine, you are to blame.
For the fall of man.
You were there in the garden of Eden,
Why did you do this to us?
Lucifine, you evil witch,
You’ve made me a son of bitch,
Not just any, but I’m the son of Satan.

Daddy why did you die?
Daddy why did you go?
Daddy why am I here all alone.
I know no one,
And I don’t know how to get home.

6 Responses to ““Satan is a Woman” – Days 249 – 251”
  1. rundog67 says:

    Are you making fun of the Bible?

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    • Devin M. D. says:

      No, I am not making fun of the bible in this poem even though I do not agree with the bible or the religions of this planet I am not. This is from a play I’m working on where this kid truly believes that Satan is a Woman because of his mother. There is no hint at mockery religion it’s just a metaphor I promise.

      • rundog67 says:

        Oh okay. Just wondering, (I want to hear your opinion on this) why do you not believe in the Bible?

      • Devin M. D. says:

        I don’t believe in the bible because it was written by man. Man is fallable. We are and we have always been forced into action by our own wills and our own agenda’s. How many times has the bible been translated? Many different languages many different times. If the bible was correct when it was first written then it is far from the truth now. For “history is written by the winners” and who’s to say that isn’t what happened here. Remember the crusades, the protestant reformation, and it’s just hard to believe in something that has taken so much control of people’s lives. We shouldn’t need a otherwordly diety to be told to do what’s right. We just should. I believe we were created by a higher bieng but to say he had a purpose I do not know. Right now, it seems as though he just got bored and said “hey I got this power, lets see how it all plays out.”

  2. rundog67 says:

    1. The Bible was not written by man, it explains plainly in 1 Cor. 2:13 (King James Version) “Which things also we speak not in the words which man’s wisdom teacheth, but which the Holy Ghost teacheth; comparing spiritual things with spiritual.” Here’s another reason man could not have written the Bible without God: who could have witnessed Creation? No-one was made then! I don’t quite understand what you mean by “forced into action”. And the Bible has been translated many times but never abridged or changed. It is still accurate. Unlike Thomas Jefferson’s letter which has been “abridged for the modern reader”. Do we see that in the Bible? Now people may preach the Bible *differently* and twist the words to mean something else or not read it correctly, but it was never re-written.

    2. God created us for the purpose of sharing the gospel it is no wonder people are giving their lives for Him to share the Good News, the news that Christ died on the cross for our sin so that we could share eternity with God if we believe that Christ died for us. They died to save lives. It was certainly (and is crucifixtion and mockery of Christianity is still going on today) a noble cause.

    3. I’m assuming when you say “We shouldn’t need a otherwordly diety to be told to do what’s right. We just should,” that you mean we should just do what’s right without having being told what is right and what is wrong. Obviously after The Fall (when Adam and Eve disobeyed God in Genesis) our human nature is to sin and we are drawn to sin we do have the ability to turn away from wrong, but no-one is perfect. We can never be perfect. The Bible tells us what is right and wrong because our vision has been twisted by the world and sin. Because we no longer have the correct view on morality. Some people may think it’s alright to cheat on their wife, but the wife ends up getting hurt in the end (or their relationship) so in her eyes it’s wrong that is why we have the Bible to explain right and wrong. If the Bible never existed then the world would be in even MORE chaos then it already is.

    4. As I previously stated we were created for a purpose and there are still reasons God has for doing things that we could never comprehend and perhaps never will. I HIGHLY doubt an all-powerful omnipotent God (like a trillion times smarter then Bill Gates) would just go “I’m bored and I have all this power I wonder what will happen if I create a world!” He created the universe and everything in it for a reason that is uncomprehensionable for us.

    What do you think?

    • Devin M. D. says:

      It’s good to know that there are people who can wisely defend their beliefs. It makes me feel that there is hope for humanity. I’m not saying your wrong, and I’m not saying your right, but if this was a few years ago You’d have me persuaded. Humanity as you wisely said is prone to sin and the church of the old times was also very corrupt. I wouldn’t put it past our ancestors having messed with translations, but if what you say is 100% factual then you’ll be a very happy person in heaven.

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