“Forever and More” Days 243 – 247

Day 243 “Forgotten Coasts”
In the horizontal lining of forgotten coasts
Dipped in rancid sweat,
Aligned along her breasts.
She sees the heaven’s snap shut
As the world grows dark.
And you can see what she saw
If you can only open your eyes.

Day 244 “2434Days In”
I’ll be honest, 244 days in
I’m kinda losing my touch.
I don’t know exactly where to
Turn to next and to write about.
It gets a little daunting,
I’m a little stretched then.
The voids been a little quieter as of late.
You never know what to say
What to be
What to do
Where to go
My oh my, is it getting hot in here,
Because I’m burning up?

Day 245 “The Stranger”
Her lips purse,
And she glares.
Thinly I see
Her presence grows.
Her essence strengthens
And I fall.
Sift through it
Every instance
Of everyday.
It’s new,
It’s old,
It’s at least something new.
Sometimes a stranger
Needs to start something new.

Day 246 “Under The Dome (That is Your Soul)”
Under the dome,
Sealed in chrome.
Kept silent as all known.
Under the dome,
Kept in time,
Bound by your crime.

Under the dome,
Bound by useless sound
Oh, the hearts abound.

Under the dome,
Held by flesh,
Kept in a bowl like a fish.

Under the dome,
That is your soul.

Day 247 “Forever and Even More”

Solemnly I swear
That I stand without err.
I am bound by my word
I am bound by my love
I am bound by the stars
And I am bound by you.
These are not chains
That you have attached to me.
They are my tethers to reality.
I wish to be, all of me, with you.
Forever and even more.


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