“Utopian Dystopia.” Day 240

I’m trying to start a new world
By using old world ideals.
Such as Utopia, which means “Nowhere”.
So where do we go?
When idealistic plans crumble and fall
Like paper airplanes in the mall.
And all the school children scream in vain,
“When’s it gonna come? When’s it gonna rain?
When’s it gonna wash away all that we’ve become?
Mother, father, sister, brother,
What have you left us?”

I yell to them. “Utopia.”

Mother, father, sister, brother,
Auntie, uncles, grandpa’s, grandma’s.
Richard Nixon, Bush, Obama, and all the other’s.
They’re crying out to you to explain.
Why we are the way we are today.
I’ve figured it out.
If we are striving for a utopia,
Then we must live in a dystopia.
Because if utopia means, “Nowhere.”
Then dystopia must mean, “Here.”
So if we break down the boundaries,
Open up our hearts,
Try to put the kindling by the sparks.
Then maybe we can start something new.


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