“No More” Days 236 ,237, 238, 239

Day 236 “Until You Weren’t Alive Anymore.”
Am I what you wanted,
Before the lies you bought had
Tested all you’ve known.
Tested all you’ve been.
Until you weren’t alive anymore.

Day 237 “Words Fall “
Words fall
Trickle in
And out
Of mouth
And tongue
Onto the sun.

Day 238 “It works”
Don’t know when
Don’t know how
This all will end up working out.
Don’t know what
Don’t know where
This will happen our how it will.
So give in
So give up.
Because thats the only way it works.

Day 239 “No More”
Go on without me
Because you doubt me.
I won’t carry on no more.


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