“We The People”- Day 233 & Day 234

233 – “From Dusk To Dawn (We Turn to Dust)”
When the waves sweep me away
Out of mind and into the fray.
Days and nights cycle through.
Oh, how I need to find you.
This is so much harder.

At dusk
When life begins to fade.
The Machine begins to rust.
We turn to dust.

Life isn’t straight forward
There is no manual, coward.
Put on your shoes, put up your hair and walk.
Get up and fight, turn on the light, and talk.
Fight for your life before you fall.

At dawn
When it all begins again.
The machine starts back up.
And we learn.

At dusk
When life begins to fade
The machine begins to rust.
We turn to dust.

234“We The People”
We the people
Who have lived in this nation.
Abashed by the rolling tides before us.
We are weak and weary,
Fed the compost of a modern society;
We bleed decadence through every orifice.

We the people
Who have died for this nation.
Brainwashed and created as part of the fold.
We are the blind, and the wicked.
For we are the foundation of this nation;
We created the very thing we despise.

We the people
Who have long believed in freedom.
That have long believed in the equality of man.
Who each in his own way have beaten, raped,
Maimed, and murdered our fellow Americans.

We the people
Who have long fought wars for false ideals
That have long raised children to believe the same.
We too have brainwashed our own kin.
We have destroyed the future architects of man.

We the people
Who have long lived in shadow
Who have long given birth to shallow sin.
By giving false idols the power to win,
To rise up to Washington and control us mangy mutts.

We the people
Must no longer stand idly by
While those who fight and die for us continue on.
We must purge the world of darkness
And save those who can’t save themselves.

2 Responses to ““We The People”- Day 233 & Day 234”
  1. I really appreciate ‘We The People,’ Devin.
    Would it be okay to make it another Guest Post at Notes?

    • Devin says:

      🙂 Oh Pam, thanks for stopping by, I know I’ve been busy so i don’t know how its been for you. It’s been hard keeping up with life and writing. Sure I totally don’t mind! I would really like that 🙂

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