“Forgetting Where You Came From” – Day 231, 232, 233

(231) “Say Enough”
Say enough just to ease the pain;
You were the sun, but now you’re the rain
Falling upon my head, reminding me it’s done.
And there is not a person here who has won.
We’re all innocents swept away in the storm.
We’re all left here praying we were warm.
And this is how this works against us, always.
And this how the world begins to fall away.

(232) “Forgetting Where You Came From”
You’ll be forgetting memories
That pass faster than before.
They trickle in and out of sync
The way Charlie Sheen’s mood swings.
It’s out of control,
How could you know?
That you’d forget this young.
Exactly where you came from before?

(233) “Don’t Be…”
Don’t be a coward
A liar, a fool, or a cheat.
Just be you, and stand up.
Get up on your feet
Dance to the beat.
Act like you’ll be dead tomorrow.
Act like today all that matters is you
And the way you live your life.


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