“No Longer Four No Longer Free” – Day 224

Shackle us,
Crush us,
Put us under your boot.
Name us,
Change us,
Darkness illuminates the thoughts
And then the thoughts destroyed
Manipulate the dreams of human souls.
But when we are not our own
Do we even have souls?
In these chains are we human
Or are we ghosts?
Nay, for we are not.
Ghosts have more freedom
Than the ignorant slaves we’ve become.
We are no more aware of tomorrow
Than we are of the present.
Memory is malleable
It can be bent just as easily as a heart
Can be broken. Set ablaze the thoughts
Of time that has passed and let him
(Sir Orwell) know;
That, these, are my apologizes
For the shackles and chains we’ve fallen for.
Let him know that he has failed.
But no! He has not, for some of us do remember.
His warnings, his prophecy, his foresight.
We are not completely held by these restraints of
American society, no of human society.
There is a shadow manipulating all of our doings.
We are so unaware,
So ignorant,
So unprepared
For the fall of freedom.
Therefore two plus two will soon be five
No longer four
No longer free.


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