“Another Question, Why?”- Days 221 and 222

Two Hundred and Twenty One
“So Much For a Happy Ending.”
Lying is lay out to dry
All the monsters left to die.
When we wake
The shadows me make
Will eclipse even the sun.

So much for a happy ending,
Is this life worth living?
Take a second to look back
And see how far we’ve come.
There’s still a ways to go
Before we’ll even know.

“Pardon Me”
If I am ever forced to leave you
For whatever reason.
I’ll be because I love you.
I’ll write letters to be slipped into your dreams.
So that whenever you think of me
That is where I’ll be.
If I could fly,
I’d soar into your heart.
I’d wrap you in a blanket
To cushion the blow of my leaving you.
I can’t be here any longer
I’m lost inside my head
I’m sorry girl I’ve failed you.
I’ll be honest
I’m not good enough for you.
I’m a nightmarish disease
I’m a virus
I’m the successor to the sneeze.
Pardon me,
I’m sorry once again.
So do yourself a favor
And forget me please.
So that I won’t remind you,
And make you grieve again.

Two Hundred and Twenty Two
Whatever happened to natural beauty
The kind that is allotted at birth
Each of us is given a share of lovely things.
We’re given what we need.
Can we please remember?
That beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.
And I do behold, so beauty is you.
I promise that in your imperfections
You’re exactly what is perfect to me
that is all I need.

Another Question, Why?
Why do we build walls out of sand
When time will just wash them away again.
What would it take to build a stronger foundation?

Humanity is attracted to things that don’t last.
Are we so sick as to long for torment?
Why can’t we just build a brick house
And brave the big bad wolf
And say to his face,
“I’m done hurting!”
Why do we reach for things that do not stay.


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