“(These Words) They’ve Been Wrote A Million Times More”- Day 220

I know I’ve wrote these words
A thousand times before.
And they’ve been wrote a million times more
By people have better skills than I have in me.
But I’ve got to try,
And tell you exactly what’s going on inside my head,
If this is all that I can leave,
A little drop in the water
From the well that is my soul.
I just want to write one song
Just one song to tell you that you
Mean the world to me.

And if I could pluck a feather out of anyone’s hat
It’d be just about every poet that has come before,
All the masters that the world and I adore.
I just wish I could have a piece of poetry
That is just an ounce as lovely
As the face that I’m looking at in my dreams.
And when I wake, I’m upset, especially when you’re away
Because I can say that I feel you next to me,
And I could swear from the bottom of my heart it’s true
That you’re always there for me,
And I’ll try as hard as hell to be there for you.
You may not be perfect in the eyes of the world,
But you’re more than perfect in my eyes,
They say love is blind,
And I can’t agree,
Because I’d have to be dead to not see how perfect you are.

And I know that everything that I’ve written has been said before,
By poets that can write one-liners that are better than my poetry that drags on for days.
Maybe I try so hard to say the things I need to say
Because there just isn’t any other way
To really give an example of your beauty.
The sun rises and sets with you,
The waves rise and fall with you,
My heart beats to the same rythym as your own.
You are a part of me,
The better part of me.

And if I could pick one thing to do before I die,
It’d be to marry you,
But even that fails to meet in comparison
To what I have now in you and me.
You are the ground beneath my feet,
You are the gravity that keeps me down on Earth
You are the wings that allow me to soar through the clouds,
And you are my anchor to keep me from being lost among the chaos of the storm.

And I know it’s been written so many times before,
In words much more artistic than my own verse.
You don’t have to be Shakespeare to prove
That you’re my muse,
You’re the one inside my soul
Pulling at my heartstrings,
Making my soul sing,
And getting me up on my feet,
I’d attempt to bring down any dynasty
Just to prove that you’re the only one for me.
I’d fight a lion, I’d eat a bear,
I’d go into the world with no underwear
I’d be prepared to sacrifice anything for you.

Maybe this is what I’ve been trying to understand,
Whenever I focus on just one thing,
It always comes back to you,
Because I see you just about everywhere,
That’s because you’re my everything,
And every bell does ring
Because my hand is in yours.
And even though our shallow bones do break
And our lying skin does decay.
Even though hearts do bend,
And spirits break.
I can’t forget you,
I never will.
Because you’re the one for me,
Can I be the one for you?


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