Words can express every iota of pure emotion – Days 217, 218, 219

Day 217 – Don’t Run From Anything

It’s only a problem if it gets in the way,
And even with a landslide,
“I’ll make it,” I say.
I trudge on through anything,
Throw a mountain in my way
I’ll find a path to get there
Even if it kills me.
I don’t run from anything.

Day 218 – Difficult

When I have a difficult time of expressing something
I write, because I can sit down and arduously work towards
Saying exactly what I need to speak, exactly what I feel.
Words can express every iota of pure emotion as if it were
The pure essence of an ingredient in some recipe.
It’s as if I’m baking a cake so delicious you can taste it by
Just looking at the texture and breathing in its flavor through your eyes.
Language can express anything with a little bit of testing,
If you can manipulate language, you manipulate thought
And that is when you begin expressing true emotions, true thought.

Day 219 – Burning

And with the darkness running thin
I’ll set aside tides again,
Of wanton fury and lifeless sin
To be burned at the stake again.


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