Human Revolution – Day 215

“With This Pen” A Shakespearian Sonnet that I wrote for extra credit in my Senior English class.
With this pen I will amend
My disassembled thoughts again.
So when this day is done I’ll bend
But won’t break. In the end I’ll win.
“Concentration, sheer force of will
Leach life from me! Stop me here!
I wield no sword but mighty quill;
You have naught to fear but ink.”
The sea of ebony, twists in night
Crimson flows abroad, a flood.
“Oh, how I am so longing of light!
Hear me lord, or I will spill sweet blood,
I pray for thee, Father, my soul to keep.
By end of  night this wretch will weep.”

“Human Revolution”
Caution dear one may someone see
The sundown as a sign, to know of truth?
That life means nothing except when sunshine
Streaks our face. We are guided by pure intent
Pure action, that, cannot be sullied.
Too little is taught to us about being human
We are taught to be calculating machines
Tools for advancing government.
We are the horse pulling the plow.
If we stop, government stops.
Government power lies in the movements of
The oppressed, those that are lower than they.
When peopple finally deny their rulers,
When we stand in the path, they are powerless.


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