Without You I’d Not Be Who I Am Today – Day 206

I feel as though in my youth
I have aged a great deal in
Understanding and emotionality.
even though I have grown I have
learned that I am still young.
There is still time, but all the while
Time is continuing to grow short
Drawing long exasperated breaths.
And if I may say, that although
My peers may still be on the edge
Of growth and continued maturation.
I have discovered I am at the forefront
Of a grand momentous movement.
Love has a power of opening eyes.
I once was blind but now all I
See is you smiling back at me lovingly.
The light shines from you
And the sun rises and sets by you.
All I wish is that there was more time
In a day, so that I may waste away
That time alone by your side.
That is why I long to be with you,
Because life is too short to be alone.
When the fire is lit within your soul
You just wish to get higher, and higher,
And higher until you are soaring among
The stars in the great northern skies.
You are what I am on the inside,
Your name is the equivalent of all love in me.
Without you I’d not be who I am today,
Because without you I’d be nothing but a grey
Cardboard-copy-cut-out of a man.
I’d be just another teenager who fell in and out
Of like, who had is heart bent,
But not broken, you have made me who I am.
I don’t wish to spend more time away from you
Than I have too. You are the light at the end
Of my dark vile tunnel, you are my home.
Without you I’d not be who I am today.


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