I Knew It Was Me and You – Happy Valentines Day – Day 205

When the clock strikes ten,
And I am left alone again.
I’ll walk the streets and
Stare up at the starstruck skies.
While I’m getting lost among the multitude.
It will be just like I’m staring right at you.
But the stars don’t match your beauty.
Lovey this is where we are.
Our hearts are soaring along the stars.
Kept up by sheer force of will,
And our compassion keeps a burning flame.
You are what keeps me warm in darkness
When every light is out and the heater is off.
Oh how I can’t seem to forget,
The first time you nibbled on my ear
And chills flew from spine to toes
And I think God only knows,
How much that meant to me.
The one thing that told me
That you were mine.
Is the first time you ever fell asleep
By my very side.
One instant, staring into my eyes.
The next, you were aloft
Gliding along in dream-scape skies
Where we are together
Forever it seems.
And I just knew when I saw your face.
Smiling sweetly while you slept.
I knew it was true,
I knew it was me and you.


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