In Exile – Day 198 Continued

In Exile
In exile worlds fade away
An accent of fear brings out
A true feeling of anger.
In nightmare’s window
The eye of fate
Gazes out into oblivion.
The gates of hell open
Burning iris’s with poltergeist images of
Ancient cities falling under Blood gorged waves
And tumutlous seas played in phantom keys.
They rise to swallow whole the people of past knowns
Give into dreams,
For nothing is as it seams.

I’m running in circles again,
Forgetting everything that has come before, and then;
I notice you walking heavenly down the road,
Wearing that dress that I remembered from that time when
Sparks flew, and the stars sung our names.

Oh baby,
This is something I’ve never felt before.
I can see you everywhere I go,
Everywhere I turn,
Your face follows suit.
Is this what Love feels like?

I’m close to suffocation again,
Bound tight by the shackles of this little bodunk town,
I promise I’ll keep trying to stay above water,
But the weight of the past keeps dragging me down.
This could be the end of me.

Oh baby,
Before you I was alone,
No matter what they said to me,
I couldn’t feel the air kiss my cheek
The way that you kiss mine,
I can see you everywhere I go,
Every place I run,
Your eyes follow me,
Is this what Love feels like?

Just before the snow storm blows in
And covers in a blanket of cold;
Can the heat of our two hearts beating
Thaw the world, and make us whole again?
I’m sure you’ve known dissapointment before.
And I’ve had my fair share
Of a thousand regrets,
And a million memories I’d like to forget.
But one thing is for certain,
The time I share with you will follow me forever
And your brown eyes that stare back into mine so blue
I’ll remember you,
And the time we kissed under the stars,
As ducks flew by and what a sound
As the stars came falling down around us.
I’ll hold you close to my heart
Even if we ever fall apart.
You’ll always be a part of this sickened heart.
Because you’re the first to get me to see,
The beautiful soul in me.


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