I’m Sorry if You Think I’m Dead. Day’s 189 and 190

Let Me Believe Day 189
I’m on the edge of never never land,
Feeling close to falling out of the sky.
I can hear your breathing,
So serenely,
Lost so clearly
In shadows enduring.
I’m on the far end of discrimination.
Are you listening?
I’m sorry if you think I’m dead.
You’re alive but hiding behind lies,
Hiding behind your covenant
That the damned knows more than yourself!
I can’t lie to myself,
That I believing in the one
Who is higher than yourself.
So give me the common courtesy,
That I once gave to you.
And let me believe what I wanna believe.
Because thats what you should do.

Silent Suicide Day 190
This is silent suicide,
If you close your eyes
You won’t see time
Flashing by.
Swiftly eroding like your
Quickly corroding before
Your eyes.
You can’t make it out
of here.
You can’t get out of


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