Rainfall on the Road Part II – Day 188

The Light of a New Day

Can’t find hope in the river.
Can’t find dreams in the sea.
All these you will find within me.
Because I have the heart of a giver.

I’ll show you light
At the edge of the shadows,
Follow me swift, past the gallows.
We don’t have to fight.

Tomorrow could be the end of a new day.
The end could be the start of another beginning.
So if you stand up the future could be like winning,
The future could be like the next step on a new way.

Forget Me

Forget me
Wipe away the slate,
Erase all your feelings away.
Cry til you’ve cleansed
Yourself from me.
I am a disease.
So please forget me.

City Grey – Part II

Leave behind the
City grey,
Alone to wallow in its decay.
Past transgressions be for naught.
In your sin you will rot.

I can’t stay,
I must go.
Writing on wrists to save my soul,

Before the city grey,
I won’t lie.
It is your turn to die.

Rainfall on the Road – Part II 
So I find myself in the desert
On one of the worst days of the year.
I’m no longer walking along crisp asphalt,
I’m up to my knees in rainfall and salty tears.
And it’s only gonna keep rising.
If only I could find,
A little piece of solid ground,
Maybe I could be fine.
Maybe I could find some peace of mind.
It’s not like I’ll find a piece of mine
For I lost that to time.
And I lost even more of myself along this road.
I can’t help but believe that there isn’t anywhere
For a man like me to go,
With solid ground beneath my feet.


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