Blind Sight – Day 187

Blind Sight
Feed upon the pearlescent
Figures of wanton and chrome.
Shiny apparitions of
New york modern rome.
But instead of stone colliseums
We now have steel mausoleums.
We have morges and factories,
Burning our olfactory nerves.
Humantity can’t smell wrong
Because they’ve singed our nostrils
Making us blind.

What Have We Done To Music?
I’m getting lost among the stereotypical sounds,
Music is bleeding out.
Anything I want I can have in seconds.
There’s no more fight,
It’s just right there,
Always within reach.
I see the problem now that the internet poses.
With the internet it takes weeks
For all your fans to know your name,
And it takes minutes for your fans to hear
Every brand new song.
It takes a few hours to get bored.
Then you’re swept under the rug.
We’re ruining music,
Because in order for them to stay above water
They have to feed the hungry mob of people
Who just swallows up music then spits it out.
We’re breaking the industry,
We’re breaking the music.
The worst part is I can’t help myself.
And I just want more.


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