Can’t Fight the Music – Day 186

Can’t Fight the Music
Can’t fight the music.
Can’t fight the beating in your head.
Can’t fight the madness.
Can’t fight it
No you can’t fight it.

Feel the adrenaline pulse,
Sweet Satisfaction.

Feel your blood rush,
Static vibrations.

Can’t fight the music.
Can’t fight the magic in your soul.
Can’t fight the madness.
Can’t fight it,
No you can’t fight the
Sweetest vibrations in your ear,
No rest for the wicked.
Loving distortions grip your heart.
You can’t fight it,
No you can’t fight it.
Backbreaking terror in your head!
Can’t fight the music,
Can’t fight the beating in your skull.
Can’t fight it,
No can’t fight it.

The Callout
Hello, the Grey residence.
Son, is that you?
I could never be what you wanted,
You pushed and you shoved me
You kissed and you hugged me
But you never loved me!
Son, you don’t quite understand.
You never cared about what I wanted,
You wanted a daughter
Not another half ass father,
You called me insane,
No mother,
You’re the one who’s insane!
I’m calling you now,
You should know how I’m doing.
Because of you I had to leave her,
Because of you I’m lost.
Ten years I’ve been gone,
Ten years you’ve been wrong.
I’m a man,
Not some little girl.
I don’t know what you see.
I can only be me,
Only thing I’ll ever be.
You deserve whatever you get!
Don’t apologize,
Don’t you even think about it,
Don’t you say you love me,
Because you never loved me!
Son, no, please wait,
Why show me so much hate?

Why show you so much,
Are you blind mother?
It’s because of everything you’ve ever done,
And all the things you’ve neglected to do!
I am no daughter, I won’t be a half ass father.
I just wanted to be your son!
But no,
There’s no chance for that now.
I am nothing to you,
Because you’re no mother of mine.
Goodbye. (click)

A Decade Gone – Part II
Waking with a start
I take a glance at my beating heart.
I look deep within, into my broken parts.
I can’t quite understand what is wrong,
Walk, I’ve got to walk this off.

ring, Riiiing, RING!

Sweaty fingertips clutch for the phone,
No one knows this number
That matters anymore.
Flip the phone open,
Now what do you hear?
But a voice from ancient history,
The one you heard before,
Whispering in your ear.

Your mamma called me today.
Said she wasn’t your mamma anymore.

I never loved her at all before,
She was a filthy lying whore,
The way she treated me,
I’m not what she wanted me to be.

You’re everything I want and more.

Georgia, I can’t be who you need!
You can’t help me,
I can’t even help me!

She told me you left the city, grey
Are coming back home today?
Ten years in the making
While I’ve patiently waited,
I’m telling you I’ll wait till you’ve found yourself,
Because I found myself in you.

Who’s to say if I came home
That I wouldn’t leave again?
I’m not safe,
You wouldn’t be safe.
My mind is in anarchy,
And anarchy isn’t any good for a family.
So I’m not good enough for you,
I’m not even good enough for myself.

2 Responses to “Can’t Fight the Music – Day 186”
  1. kolembo says:

    Ooo, woah! Giddy, dreched! Exciting!

  2. Devin says:

    Hahaha, that’s one way too put it.

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