Forgetting the Past is like Parting the Water – Day 185

Day 185 “Goodbye Georgia”
Goodbye pecan pie
And goodbye to the sky.
Sweet escape.
Shadows last embrace.
Wave goodbye to the lives we’ve lead.
Wave goodbye to the curse you’ve fled.

Goodbye Georgia
Goodbye sun.
I’ve left the essence of deceit.
I sense the start of a new tomorrow.
Wave goodbye to the stars and to the moon.
Wave goodbye to all that you’ve ever known.

Goodbye Georgia,
I can’t stay
Oh Georgia you were my sweet escape.
I love you
And I don’t leave lightly.

Goodbye Georgia,
I must go
Before you know the madness
Which grips my soul.
So I say goodbye sweet Georgia

Forget The World Parts I & II
Part I
I must forget it,
Throw aside suicide, now.
I must forget it.

Part II
Forgetting the past is like
Parting the water
It ain’t easy.
No, it ain’t easy.

Note From The Author: I wrote more poems in the past two days then I have wrote in the last two weeks combined. These poems are coming together as a kind of emotional narrative, an idea that came to me yesterday that evolved from something I did to kill time in one of my classes. Right now this set of poems has no name, and will all end up posted here in the near future but, as of right now they will stay indisposed except for in small fragments. I have yet to give them a title as a whole and probably will not find it until the end of the project. So please take these 3 poems as a teaser. Thanks to all of those people who have been following me from the start. We’re a little more than half way there.


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