“Power Lies In Love” – Days 182, 183, and 184

A Note From The Poet: January 22, 2011 brings me to my halfway mark. I have 182.5 days left until July 26, 2011. 6 more months of poetry lies ahead of me. A journey that is bringing me closer to understanding myself, and my favorite field of writing. High school is coming to a close, Four more months and I will be done with this and moving on to bigger waters. This project has kept me focused and when it is threw it will be sorely missed. Lets continue shall we, in the words of D.J. Machale “Hobey Ho, Lets Go!”

“All I Can Be” Day 182: January 22, 2011

Whether you are young
Or if you are old;
Your experiences define you.
Simply put,
No matter your age
A young soul can be old;
And vice versa.
I know a lot about somethings
And I know little about most.
I’ve witnessed some of the worst
And some of the best of humanity.
I am young in body, old of heart
and a tad bit naive.
I guess,
That’s all I can be.

“Quartet” Day 183: January 23, 2011

Concrete Information
Sinful sweet reservation
Dynamite – set a light
Explosive intervention.

“Power Lies In Love”

Invigorating whispers in soft tones
Passed along from tongue to tongue.
Silent words left unspoken
In loving embrace;
Quickly knocked aside by winds of
Conscious inconsistencies.
Their hearts become one.
A whole, if you will.
Thoughts become lost in separation
As their consciousness float above.
They are but witnesses to a crime
But, they are free.
No worries, as everything melts
Together; the heat of two bodies
Permeates essence,
And builds into an explosive conclusion.
Stars explode, colors fall like rain,
For power lies in love.

“Understanding”  Day 184: January 24, 2011

Concentrate son,
Listen to your footsteps.
Feel the energy in the air,
Crackling like fire.
But it is cold, like ice.
Nuclear, it’s energy.
It’s the sum of power.
The vein of conscious
This is light,
For it can banish dark.
You feel it,
You know it.
You want it.

“Tooth & Nail”

Ripped in two
Sliced in fourths
Rip your heart out
Cell by cell.
Torn in pieces
Set on fire.
Willed to die
Fought for life
Tooth & nail.

2 Responses to ““Power Lies In Love” – Days 182, 183, and 184”
  1. kolembo says:

    Hey, congratulations. I don’t know how you’ve done it, but you have me following you. I’m on day twenty four I think and I’m in the desert, desperately seeking water.

    Great stuff, thanks.

    • Devin says:

      Thank you so much for your congratulations. I really appreciate you following this blog and going back and reading from the beginning. That is just awesome!

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