Days 180 and 181

Day 180 “To Live”
Take a step,
Stop and listen.
Close your eyes;
Open your heart,
Swim through the sounds
And float amongst thought.
Slide here to there
From side to side.
Words mean nothing;
Silence, is truth.
Feeling along,
Emotion. Emotion. Emotion.
Desire for touch
Lust for simple tastes
And witness your essence.
Long gone are
The seeds of deceit.
You are who you are
When you are deep
Within what you were.
Alive, ore are you
Are you close,
Or are you dead already?
No thought,
Just walking through the paces.
Is that living?
Then you no not.
Break past boundaries
Knock down doors
And open places
You’ve never been before.
And look into the eyes of the world,
And say…
No, I will not go
Quietly into darkness
My light will shine strong,
I will guide my
Eyes to farest sights
And live the life
I’ve wanted to live.

Day 181
Moonlit passages
And nightime lives.
Sleepless morns.
And loving tunes.

One Response to “Days 180 and 181”
  1. I really like ‘To Live,’ Devin. It really makes us think, and to think about living a real life. So much said in just a few words. And congrats on your half-way mark–that’s pretty awesome.

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