Days 175, 176, 177, and 178

175 “The Gallows”
Here it goes again,
Wallowing in shallow pools,
Chained to shapeless ghouls,
Memories of times passed,
In and of my endurance,
It’s waining,
And the tide is coming high.
I’m up to my shoulders in doubt,
Of whether I can make it past
This four way street.
I feel the gallows looming
Just looking over my shoulder.

Consequences of your actions,
Remember not everything deals in fractions,
It’s not a question of brutality,
But one of sheer morality.

Day 177“A Decembers Dream”
There is something on the sidewalk,
A letter, if you remember, think back to December,
When our heads were flipped, right upside down.
Where we were knocked by distraught,
And it felt like that part in the movie,
The orchestra meets with a clatter,
Then falls into a piannissmo
As the violin whines in remembrance.
Our eyes will scream with rancid acid,
And we’ll see with those burning globes
An essence of fire like none before,
And we will know,
That this was all just a dream,
And that these words,
Are all that’s left of that dream.

178“The Gallows: Part II”
He has me in his sights,
I’m not ready to go tonight.
“Aye, this could be it,
Your final day.
Live knowing you will die,
And I might not past judgment.
You may live,
Until you lie.
Then you will meet the gallows
On that fateful night.”

2 Responses to “Days 175, 176, 177, and 178”
  1. Hey Devin, Nice Work. Sometimes we’d just sit on the couch and close down if the gallows weren’t on our tails. Everything is FOR us and serves a purpose.

  2. Devin says:

    I know what you mean, the fact that we could be dead in an instant keeps me focused (most days). Sometimes it’s just nice to shutdown completely and forget that you have to do anything at all. Then life comes back in full step to remind you.

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