Day 174 (All I Need Is You)

Good god,
Where do I go from here?
Hell no,
I am not going just yet.
Oh my,
sure as hell I ain’t lying.
Baby please,
Don’t close your eyes
I’m lost in the sight of those brown eyes.
So kind,
Leaving me,
So loose,
So warm,
And shapeless;
A haphazard menagerie of human flesh.
Oh love, I am a mess,
A broken,
Shattered mess
time can heal all wounds
You’re my prescription.
Skin is a thin veil
Masking who you are inside,
Don’t let the outside
Keep me from getting in.
You’re beautiful on the outside
Even more so on the in-side.
I love you more than I even love myself,
I need you like the Earth needs the sun,
The stars shine just so I can find you in the night.
My heart is bound to you by a chain of light,
Angels above, and demons below won’t stop me.
I’m yours to keep for as long as you want me.
All I need you is you.

2 Responses to “Day 174 (All I Need Is You)”
  1. kolembo says:

    ‘…good god, where do I go from here…hell no, i’m not going just yet,’ this is a great poem! If this is your final 365 day, you’ve learned alot, if it’s the beginning of it then you come to the game fully loaded!

  2. Devin says:

    Kolembo, thank you so much. I’m glad you were able to stop by and check out my works. This is my first attempt at this type of intense writing. I plan on finishing this then polishing the works

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