Day 171

“What Is Poetry – Another Go”
I used to live without a face,
Hiding it in my despair,
Sidestepping your angry glance,
Trying to find my way out of here.
So close to dying,
To losing it all.
Then whatever deemed it,
So it would be,
That I would find sweet poetry.
And that these words
Would save my life.
That I would not understand,
Till a greater span of time had passed.

-“As Seen From Her Eyes”-
All I want to do is say goodnight,
Why do we have to have another fight.
All I wanted was to look into your eyes,
And forget all the things that passed before.
I guess it wasn’t meant to be,
And I’m so sorry that you think of me that way.
So I’m a bitch,
Then you’re nothing more than a crooked jerk.
Taking away pieces of me,
Stealing me away like you do
All those fancey shoes from the supermarket.
What do I got to do to be more than money in your pocket.
I feel so used,
So lost and broken.
I guess you don’t notice what I write,
If you’d look farther than your thousand dollar glasses
You’d realize I’m hurt.
Open up your eyes you insensitive jerk.
I can’t help but look back and see
The way you used to be,
Then I tell myself,
“You stupid girl,
He was never the man he showed himself to be,
He’s just a little boy
Who’d never amount to anything.”
So I just wanted to tell you that I don’t regret a thing.
Because now I know what not to look for.
And his name is…


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