Day 168, Day 169

“Stick with the one you love”

So I’ve been thinking,
Along the lines of contemplation.
Searching for a reason to some things
That other people do.
I tried to wrap my cranium
Around the concept of leaving someone
That you love very much,
Because you don’t see them all that often,
So that they may go and find someone new.
So that they can be happy too.
But I can’t see how you can do that.
It would hurt me,
And it would scar her.
Then we’d both be in a mess.
You keep pushing on through the distance,
Holding each others hearts close for warmth
So that when you two do reunite after a short span.
It’ll feel as if no time has passed at all.
So I could never leave someone
So they could have someone
Closer to home.
Life isn’t easy,
So stick with the one you love.


Be strong little one,
It’ll be okay.
Don’t worry about anything,
Even if the sky turns grey.
I’ll be there for you through it all.
And I promise I’ll stay for sure,
So that you’ll know friendship.
So that you may have a love so pure.
Don’t worry about tomorrow,
For it will come,
Don’t worry about the others.
They won’t be alone like others son.


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