Day 167

Note From The Poet: It’s amazing to think that yesterday I reached my one hundredth post. I lost track of how many poems I have written in the past 167 days. So many words have crossed from shadow into thought to paper or to computer. So much has happened in the last 167 days and I think it was a great idea to share one of the poems that I wrote before this project (“These The Shortcomings Of A Fool” Day 166). It shows how far I’ve come, and that some of my best poems I’ve ever written have already come out of the abyss. The conflict represented in that poem is soon fast coming to an end and I can feel it. 167 days in huh? 198 days left to go. Thanks to those few who follow this blog. Maybe someday you can get these all in your own home. A physical manifestation of my madness.

“If You”

If you put your mind to it,
You can accomplish anything.
Set off for lands and times unknown.
Create the greatest ship ever built.
Lead a nation from poverty into prosperity.
Save the life of a drowning child,
Save the life of a dying patient.
Imagine yourself up in the stars.
Even though we’ve lost our wings.
Imagine the future with a million brave children.
The ones who wish to fight for others
The onew who wish to live for others.
Bound by the hope that they all share
Reach out and prepare the Earth
For better days,
Better years.
And a longer eternity.


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