163, 164, 165 (A Man’s Trials)

Day 163

A Man’s Promise

I know these words won’t help you,
But they’re better than not a word at all.
Just know that even though I’m not perfect
I’m here, and I won’t go.
Just don’t push me too far.
And let me be who I am,
I’m older on the inside,
Than I act out in real life.
Just know I’m smart,
And I’ll be careful
More than you can wish for.
I promise.
That’s all that I will be.
Is the best man I can be.

Day 164

A Path From Past to Past

Walk the path, unknown twists
And turns dot the road.
Little love notes left to have,
To guide me on from past to past.
Each step is history,
Even future is no mystery.
We’ll end up where we’re going
Whether or not I know
The way, I’ll go
Forever forward until the end
And I have crossed that final bend.


This is It

This is it,
What I was meant
To fix the wrongs of past mistakes.
Maybe this,
Can help me move on,
And forget this madness.
I finally think I’ve found the way.
To repair the sins that I have wrought.
Pride has kept me in my reflection.
Lust has kept me locked in passion.
Sloth has caught me in my blankets
Naked, lazy, and broken.
Gluttony has fattened my tattered soul.
Envy has ruined my fragile mind,
I’ve wanted and taken but not given in return.
Wrath has had me in his grasp at every turn,
I’ve wrought the price of what I’ve yearned.
Finally, greed has locked me in my safe
Along with all my worthless worldly possessions.
Even as I write this I’m still trapped by my obsessions.
I am human, and I won’t be perfect;
But, be damned if I won’t change a single thing
To save my soul tonight.
I may not know who is wrong and who is right,
And whoever watches over my heart this evening
Please notice my pleas for forgiveness here.
Today marks a new day,
A new one under the sun.
Today starts a transformation
From child into man.


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