The first and second day of the year.

-January 1st, 2011- [Day 161] “To our never-ending story”

This is to my, never-ending story.
And today marks the beginning
Of another chapter in life.
This season which many say represent birth,
But as well represents death, and hibernation.
Where plans get put on the back burner
And your lives shrivel into hermit holes
Where only the warmth can find you.
We are but pieces to a narrative.
One which weaves through stark landscapes
Beautiful vistas filled with laughing children,
Across vast decaying deserts where our people
Perish in a war of forgotten purpose.
Where religions face off fighting for three faces
Of the same God,
Are we so blind as to not read verses
And not interpret them as a million different things?
Is it possible that the hardest things
Are written simply in print,
Right in front of our naive noses?
Ego maniacs rule the world,
And we’re bound here by our own delusions of uselessness.
So what if you can’t stand on your own two feet,
Can you read, can you write, can you sing aloud to men?
Can you see, can you learn, can you fight with a pen not sword?
Is your tongue sharp, your book bound in fine leather,
Can you whisper in languages and in unknown script you read?
This is to our never-ending story,
Where you write the ending,
The middle,
And the beginning.

-January 2nd, 2011- [Day 162] “Hope Close To Home”

If you ever feel alone,
Don’t look to far.
Someone’s right beside you,
Waiting for you to find them.
Trust not the unknown,
For there is hope close to home.


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