Day 160 (Last Post of 2010)

“To a New Year”
I began yesterday’s post with a question
And I ended it with another question.
To end
Or to begin?
Scattered throughout life are barriers
Of the mind,
Of the body,
Of the soul.
Within these barriers lie our conscious,
The voice in the back of our head
Telling us right
From wrong.
As I have wrote before
Life is a battle of consciousness
And morality,
Strung about with right turns
And many more wrong turns.
Even in the shadow of doubt
A bright light should be shining
Deep within you.
Your soul,
If you are willing to listen
Will guide you forward in spite of
All the surrounding darkness.
Meditate on what you’ve learned
And keep searching
For what you believe is truth.
But here is something to think about
All truth is a lie,
And absolute truth is a lie you are willing to believe in.
Humanity twists things,
So you’ve got to believe in yourself
Before you can believe in anything.
Take these words forth
And on to a new year.


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