Day 156, 157, 158, 159

Day 156

Despite the accident,
You’re still looking good.
You’re brains in a few pieces
But that doesn’t mean you’re over.
You’ll get through the strangulation
Maybe make it out of the decapitation.
Scream out Huzzah!
Be prepared to die,
It’ll be once in a lifetime,
That you’ll find what you’ve always wanted.

Day 157

Friends come and go,
No matter what has been said.
You can find that one person,
Who will stay through all the pain.
That one person who loves you
And cares for you without
Any hesitation.
They believe in you,
And they trust you
More than you could ever trust yourself.
She is the one you wish to keep.
For she’s an angel sent from somewhere way up high.

Day 158

No matter where we go
Fire will fall from the sky.
We are human
And thats our life.

Day 159

To end
Or to begin
That is the question.

One Response to “Day 156, 157, 158, 159”
  1. Hey, Devin–nice group of poems. Sounds like you’ve been focusing on what makes us tick. I especially love the wisdom in 158 and the question that is 159.
    You are amazing–you’re doing it!

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