Day 155 – “Vicious Cycle”

Disclaimer – This poem is born of latenight post midnight mutterings I began this poem only 11 minutes before it was posted, and had it prepared no longer than 3 minutes ago.

There is only so much I can stand,
Before I’m on my hands and knees again.
I beg you please,
But you break me like the roiling seas,
Smash my back against the rocks.
I’ll swim to shore,
Drowning in my own blood
Soaked in piss stained ignorance.
I’m sorry,
I won’t censor the truth.
No matter what you do you can’t fix this.
I’m forever scarred by your wantoness.
You’re a fool, a thief, a liar, and a bitch!
I got to let you know,
That I won’t let you control me anymore.
I’m tired of being swept under the floor.
No one remembers what I was before,
The happy child that would sit on the roof
Singing folk songs to the summer stars.
Listening to the mutterings of the cicadas.
Hear them talking amongst themselves
Of all they’ve seen or felt or smelled.
I’ve never felt so alone before tonight,
When our latest greatest fight
Took away the last bit of humanity I saw in you.
I gave up hope,
You fell apart.
And I can’t save you,
Because you wouldn’t save me.
So I hope you are happy with the way things
Played out, with me on the recieving end of madness.
Hark, but do not be afraid.
We won’t be alone in hell,
We’ll burn together on the plane of betrayal.
You watched me burn, as I watched you burn.
Impeccable timing to be a murderer,
Because I saw it coming, and you killed me before
I could say one word,
To remind you about your medicine.
Remember the children,
Remember the slaes,
Remember the moments before I was raised
Straight from the absence below all our beds.
As the seeds of conception flew from his head.
And all that existed was a shadow of me,
A fleeting image on the edge of your mind.
This time you’ll remember me,
I’m sure of this too.
Remember, remember, times filled with splendor
Before the retched lie had spread.
Remember, remember, times filled with laughter
Before we both lay lifeless in bed.
Remember, remember, this is for the better,
Because now this vicious cycle has met its


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