Days 137 – 140

Day 137
“Here Comes Mind Control”
Something’s fine when I’m gone
Fed into the fire at the birth
of a brand new inferno,
the rise of a new regime.
the dictator dictates
That you stomp your feet
To the new corporate feat
Here comes mind control

“The world is yours”
How much does it take one man to rise up?
And take over the world.
Just take baby steps
till you’re full grown
Then keep telling yourself
the whole wide world is yours.

“Day 138”
“The Coast of night.”
Along the coast of night,
On the edge of the sea of space
The stars twinkle silently
Like eyes staring brightly
Alert, forever into the night.
We are weaved into a tapestry
Magnificent hues
And intricate designs.
Meld together to create life
Along the coast of night.

Day 139
“Mind Wanderer”
For I am a wanderer
Traversing the bleak sometimes,
But always
Daunting and interesting
Pathways of the mind.

Day 140
Oh wonderous knight
Of yon ocean bear.
Fear naught but fear its self
For death holds no chains
And you are not held by the shackles us
Land dwellers are trapped by.

One Response to “Days 137 – 140”
  1. Love these ones, especially Mind Wanderer. KOKO! Pam

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