Day 141

Day 141
“A Course”
Chart a course
To lands afar,
And onto kingdoms
None before have seen.
Reach out into a void
Of unknown scenery.
Travel far,
Travel wide.
Disappear into the night.
So when the shadows
Catch you,
You’ll have seen all you can ever see.

“How Are You?”
How are you?
“As fine as an be
But sick of this twisted
Corporeal form.
Held back by blood feuds
Bound by your scorn.
Names hold power
But I don’t know my own.
Twisted metal
Is all I have seen.
Death is fought by death.
This is insanity.

Oh, so you’re pissed.
“Yeah I”m pissed.”

Each story has a beginning
As does each story have an end.
The culmination of the events
Which start at conception of life,
And conclude, at the anal end of climax.
An interweaving narrative
of growth, life, love, sabotage, war, and death.
All showing in full color
The power of creation.
The absence of order
And the purpose of driven life.
Forget what you know of, balance,
Echoes greatly through the void of existence.
Remember we are beings of chaos,
Born of the blood of the great thinkers
Kept here, close to Earth
By our sheer force of will.
We are the shapers of reality.

The monster,
The hero.
and life.

Every story has a beginning
As does each story have an end.
Starting at conception of life
Culminating in the anal end of climax.
What matters is not the beginning or the end,
But the intricate details that lie between
Points A and B.

Sky No Longer Gray
Teen drama is an over-saturated genre.
Aye, the amount of novels, poetry, music, movies, and blogs
Could fill three New York City dumps,
And four barges the size of those sitting along the Mississippi;
like logs.
If we could all eat paper,
Drink Diet Angst
And bathe in teen sorrow
Power our homes with overused metaphors
And the fire kindled by bad teen romances
No more would humanity be lost
For we’d have all we need in the
Emotions of angst ridden
Drug abuse addled moronic
Bullheaded teenagers.
Everything would be okay
For the sky would be no longer gray.


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