Day 133, 134, 135, and 136 (Venom Parts 1 – 4)

Day 133
“Venom: Part 1 –The Poison Breaks A Man
This poison burns
My essence.
I recoil quick
Like a snake
I prepare to snap.
I thrust myself
Away, my own venom,
Courses violently
In my veins.
This acid tongue
Filled with vile thoughts
Guided by he who fell.
I weep.
Tremendous amounts of fluid
Flushes from my eyes,
As huge welts grow in my skin.
I am in flames
Engulfed by the dead wrath
Of a king of old times.
Enveloped in the tumultuous
Wars that he has wrought,
He has taken so many
And murdered his own
In hope to crush my resistance.
I am a flock of sheep
Led to the slaughter,
So that he may reign.

Day 134
“Venom: Part 2 – The Ancient Dead Rise
Aye, I have been sacrificed
As a martyr I’ve been stoned,
Fed to the river of madness
Alone, in the search for knowledge
In the need for truth.
I’ve been silenced.
My conscious quakes
On the edge of our world,
And the world shrouded in darkness.
Torment and suffering
Awaits those who fall off the Earth.
Martyrdom holds no solace.
I am more alone,
With those of the dead
Whose number outmatch the living.
If the almighty king were to rise
And take to him an army of the ancient dead.
The living would run,
But not one would be swift enough.
Death is the only option.
When faced with the ancient dead.
There strength which never falters.

Day 135
“Venom: Part 3 – One Hundred Dying Cherubim and the Song of The Ancient Dead
I cry out in vein,
For no one can hear me.
My eternal weeping,
Which sounds of a hundred dying cherubim.
Lost without wings, like the rest of them,
The fallen angels from time forgotten.
They all cry out beside me,
Seeking a vengeance so decrepit,
That even God himself looks away
(If only for a moment.)
The angels up high see,
That I am a martyr
But have been fed the sickest venom.
And the poison will not escape my essence.
I’m tormented forever in this vile place.
Kept trapped in this wicked tomb of festering anger,
Swept along by the ancient dead
Who wail each instant, as a searing brand
Blisters whats left of their skin.
The poisoned bodies are black,
There bones twisted into man-less shapes.
Even those who once were man
Now look like haunted shells.
They are the demons that seek naught
But destruction.
For they were betrayed by mankind
Into eternal servitude by the festering people above.
Oh, how I wish to be rid of this vile poison.
Which continues to creep onto my conscious
Sifting through my memories,
And taking away what makes me, me.
Before too long this venom will overtake my soul.

Day 135

“Venom: Part 4 – The War To End All Wars. The Ancient Dead Reach From Hell.
The day has come,
I have lost all sight of the world above me.
Lady Earth, I beg of you forgiveness
For what me and my new found blood kin do.
We are but twisted pawns in this chess match
To the end of days.
It has been tipped in the Dread King’s
Favor since the dawn of days.
His treacherous ways have even taken me,
One of your most virtuous followers
He has warped my sense of reality.
The man you once held on high is dead.
I have been changed,
My body no longer recognizable as a prince.
I am now but a beggar with sharp teeth,
My back more broken than that of Quasimoto.
I breathe flames as a dragon would,
A beast I have become.
And we the ancient dead,
Burst forth from the bowls of Hell,
To wreak vengeance upon those of the living light.
You the ones who have forsaken your dead.
Do not be alarmed
For death is not but the next great journey.
You too will join us in the darkness of eternity.
The angels too will cry out in vein.
We will tear them from their pedestals
And we will show them how they have faltered.
I beg of you forgiveness mother Earth,
For I have been bound by a dark poison
That of which even the greatest healer cannot fix of me.
Vanity is a sick poison,
And has struck me firm.
For now I am trapped forever
In the world between both worlds.


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