Days 116, 117, and 118

Day 117
Send forth,
Seek out,
Or not at all.

Heartfelt apologies to the lot of you
Sorry for this,
Yet I persist.
Example 1 of my insanity
– This poem.
Example 2 of my insanity
– I hear, see, and know
Example 3 of my insanity
-Insanity is just within me
This I know.

Day 117
“LEVEL UP: Scott Pilgrim Has Gained the Power of Self Respect!”
Forget what you know
It’s a lie.
Understatement of the century,
I’m the jerk of the year.
So listen up now,
I’m king of the world.
You’ve got to love yourself
Before you can love anyone else.

Day 118
You sorry suckers
Give it up
You mean nothing
Shut it up.
Yeah I wrote a poem
Read it up.

“Poem 2”
I wish to apologize for
The one which came bfore,
And everytime I called you a whore.
I just want you to know.
To take me seriously.


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