Day 113

Looks like it’s time I’ve come out
And spoke about things
That must be spoken.
Hey girl,
Look at how far we’ve come,
And don’t look back,
It got us here,
But those things you don’t need to fear.
Hey don’t you worry, I’ve got you right here.

Poem is.

(First section is 26 letters)

Just divide
contents in two

(This second section is also 26 letters)

“Give me Blood – You Left me For Dead”

Give me blood from the heart
I want your blood, and I’ll drain you dry
Till you’re dead and gone.
Oh, won’t you spare me some blood
I’m thirsty I’m hungry for life,
And I need it now from your veins.
You are a part of me
And I need that part of me you stole back.
So give me blood straight from the heart
I’ll suck you dry
Until you’re dead and gone
Not now!
But maybe later
I will regret that you died
To save my selfish life.
You think I’m going crazy
wishing for you to die
But I’m dead already so why should you care?
You left me hopeless and unprepared
For what lay ahead
So I need you to return to me
the part of me I shared with you
I need my life back!
So give me blood
Right from the heart
I want your blood
I’ll drain you dry
Until you’re dead and gone

Oh now I feel alive
and I don’t regret anything yet,

“I Love You So”
Even though I could be dead tomorrow
I just needed to let you know,
I love you so…

Hear these words
The loudest I’ve ever wrote.
Time and time again I’ve tried
To write these down for you.

I’d have been lost if I had never found you.
I need you here with me,
Without you as a guiding light
I could never make it through the night.

2 Responses to “Day 113”
  1. Okay, ‘Give Me Blood’ is INTENSE. I guess the best poetry is passionate, right?
    But the four 13s made me laugh.:) Nice work on both.

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