Day 112

This world’s going to explode
Into a burning ball of radioactive wastes,
Suffering abound, just
Blowup, blowup blowup.

“i’m sorry”
I’m sorry mom,
I’m sorry dad,
I’m losing my mind.
Losing hope
Losing sight,
Of all that is important in my life
I’m sorry but I won’t ever be right again.

“This is…”
I’m angry can’t you tell,
Just look as my chest swells.
I’m mad as hell
And I’m not taking it anymore.
I’ll take this nine to my skull
Pull the trigger watch the world turn gray,
Chaos is assured.
As long as human blood is spilt
So much hatred
So much fire in my veins
I’m burning up
When is this madness going to end!

This is not madness
This is life!

So much for happy endings
Seperated by all the wrongs
Drowned in foreshadowed thoughts
Of dilapidated wastelands
In a sea of unrighteous fury
So much has been forgotten
But this decay of moral fiber
Must come to an end.
We won’t break or bend to
The will of the masses
I’m suffered and tired
Of all this wicked place,
A prisoner of time and space.


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