Day 107, 108, 109, 110, and 111

“My Vision” Day 107
This poem is not meant to be read
It is meant to be felt within every fiber of your being.
Listen to the vibrations bouncing in yourhead.
Promise me I won’t be forgotten
Like the ones who came before.
Don’t write me off as another useless metaphor.
Please, just give me a chance
To show my worth.
Poetry is vision
I have vision to spare.

So why you got be such a @#*&#
Why do you need to be such a $%$^$
Censorship is so $#%$*%$ stupid it’s crap!
Guess this should stop…
Can’t even say what I want to say without you coming down upon my head.

“Same Old Shit” Day 108
It’s the same old shit yet a different day
Walking down this broken road.
I’ve been down this one
A thousand times before.
It’s like I’m suffocating
This tension’s killing me.
If only I could drive a thousand miles
Hell I’d go to hell and back
Just for a change in scenery.
These people here drive me crazy.
Help me out a little doctor.
I need a sign,
Some sort of path,
A one way ticket out of here.
You see no one here understands me.
This towns just so lazy
They’re slow to accept new ideas
And it’s getting harder and harder to breathe.
Feels like the walls, the walls are closing in around me.
I feel like I’ve been down this road
A thousand and one times before
Same old houses
Same old people getting drunk
Or reading bibles.
I don’t understand this place
I have a hard enough time understanding myself.
I’ve got to resort to tactics not becoming of myself.
Oh if there is anybody listening,
Up there,
Down there
Or anywhere at all
Maybe you’re right there beside me.
But please
Just this one thing that I ask of you
Can you please answer me.
Do I get out of here alive?

“No-Escape” Day 109
I’m bound to this place
As if by the affects of a curse.
A warlocks power lock me in
Trapped by his wicked might.
No escape within reach.

“All You Didn’t Do” Day 110
I’ve never been this bad before,
Fallen back on all I’ve ever said. So,
I promise
I’m not gonna fall apart
Not just yet.
Not just yet.
I promise I’m not broken
I’m just shattered into pieces
Don’t worry bout me
I’ll be just fine groveling on the dirt
Beneath your feet
I hope you understand
It wasn’t me
It wasn’t you
It’s all that you didn’t do for me!

“In Flames” Day 111
What’s up with you?
Are you okay?
Are you are all ashamed?
And all the world is in flames.

Sent forever to die alone
Sacrifice my own.
To live a lie that isn’t less,
But is so much more
Bound by suffering in a hole.
Saved by insolence
Born unscathed
To die broken and ashamed.


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