Day One Hundred Six



Image by Pro-Zak via Flickr

Over rolling hills
Trapped, surrounded by
Twisting seas of rolling prairie
Kept there because of age.
It’s like my wings have come in full
But I’m kept locked in a cage.

“Avenge, Avenge Me!”
Look at the bodies that line the streets/ sorry mother I couldn’t make it there in time. / Death is a part of life. / but why’d they have to go? / I can’t believe their gone/ (so long) / Saw their faces yesterday / (so long) Their always haunting me / Like ghosts in my dreams, / it’s like their telling me / avenge avenge me. / So much for happy endings.

“So, this echo, is it your thoughts or just a facade?”
Hello hello hello
Sign me an echo.
Echoing gently across the sea.
I hear you trembling
Yet you try to lie,
Put yourself off as fearless
Dearest apologies dear,
but you aren’t perfect
No I can tell
You fell,
Don’t hide your knees
I know why you don’t wear skirts round’ me anymore
Hide your shame
That’s your game!
But hiding only makes it obvious

Don’t lie little girl
Don’t lie
You can talk to me.

So 106 days in.
It’s time for a recap.
Oh yeah,
Gotta have a recap.
My emotional well beings scattered
Across the map
I’ve covered more distance then Gulliver
Just lazier and such.


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