Day One Hundred and Five

Nothing can stop it.
World’s stuck in reverse.
Try to invert the image
To get the picture to come in clear.
It’s just as distorted as before.

It’s unlikely you’ll read this before I’m dead,
I’m sorry just wanted to let this out.
Don’t doubt the words of the dead.
Because we’re dying every day.

“Side by Side”
There is fire in your eyes
Like a star burning bright,
And your heart is soaring high up in the sky.
Hidden by the clouds beneath our feet.
So sad I am here.
Yet nothing is as it was before, tonight.
Baby listen to me baby,
Stand up and come here tonight,
So baby come on love my baby.
This fear inside won’t take us by surprise
And maybe, just maybe
If we side together
We won’t die alone.

“Day by Day.”
So secret,
So used.
I want to get out un-abused
So lonely
So unsatisfied.
I want to be amazed.

Dazzling starfire in your gaze
Like the fire on lazy summer days
That lead to nights when you feel the most alive.

Fire up the engine,
Take control
Each and every second you’re only getting older.

Calm down kid.
Just get up and go.

Avoid the fall,
Dodge the winter
Face the bullet
Look em in the eye.
Even while you’re about to die.
So face it already
Life is too short
No need to be scared
Just take it day by day.
Just day by day.

“Pardon Me”
Pardon me children
I ask of you please,
Listen to my musings
I wish the world to hear
The words of a young man
An old man,
A dying man.
Yet a child in his own right.

“Longest Night.”
I know nights are daunting,
They seem the loneliest while you’re gone,
And night just gets longer in the winter.
But we’ve bested a lot worse than the shadows.
We fight our demons every day,
And as long as it’s you and me together
We can face anything,
Even the longest night, (apart).

“Sweetest Dream”
The sweetest dream is the one
Where I wake up next to you
And you whisper softly,
Almost nonexistent into my ear.
“Good morning”
Chills go down my spine,
As those words trickle into my ear,
They slide smoothly into my heart
And I don’t feel alone anymore.
That’s the sweetest dream I’ll ever need.

Satisfied in scared sorrow/ denied the acts of tomorrow/ forgotten in the sin of which you wallow/ bound by wicked desire/ waist deep in the mire/ lost inside you liar!/ you are trapped by wasteland souls/ sacred vows not known by mankind/ tie us up in imperfect harmonies abound abound/ without hallowed ground/ you are lost/ “I tell you know! I am not lost/ for I have found my own/ and my state of mind lies in safety/ I bury myself in what you call ‘ deceit’/ For I believe I am my own master!/ And if there is a god (Which most likely there is.)/ he is not the one you’ve known or seen/ for the man you see in your churches, synagog, temples and the Vatican are lies!/ So I wish outloud at 11:11 that peace will be restored / please we must not worry too much/ truth will be restored as well.


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