Day 102, 103, & 104

“We Are Strong” Day 102
You’ve taught me so much
So little time has passed.
In our short mammalian lives
So young but getting older.
Distances separate
But our hearts are bound.
And the weaknesses
That destroy most men
And our love
We told them no
We won’t stop
We are strong.
And you are not!

Don’t forget to lock the doors
You’ll be grateful
Gotta get up and go.
Save yourself tonight.
If you don’t lock the doors
The darkness will break through.

Listen to me closely
It doesn’t matter if you are stronger than an ox
Doesn’t matter if you can throw a ball 50 yards.
As long as you grow up to be
The best that you can be, better than me.

“On My Own”
In keeping with the furious clatter
Of wasted waylaid disorder
Brought upon by the anger
Pent up within this chest
I’m tired of being told to shut up
when I’m voicing what I know.
I didn’t tell you to shut up.
Just so you know!
God damnit this vicious cycle
Hold on to your pants.
You might get robbed.
Senseless upheaval
Voracious revival
Intent on will.
And on my right.
I’m on my own.

Hey sister, whats wrong with you.
Why’d you go and loser yourself
To the darkness
Lost yourself.
The fire burned and ate you up.
Stopped you quick.
Lost along your way.

“World” Day 103
We are the children of the world.
this is the land of our birth.
The Earth is our world.
For we are the children of the world.

“Safe” Day 104
Hold the alarms.

No matter where you go
Our love won’t end at hello(goodbye)
I’m pretty sure there is more to come.
Nibbles won’t you stay here with me.
We’ll travel as far as the eye can see
And right now I can see stars.
I’m dreaming way off far.
And one day I know death will come take me.
But till that time
I’ve got you
And you’ve got me.


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