Day 101

“A Game”
Savor the flavor
The essence is chilling
Time is of the…
Haha, thought I would do it?
No, I shouldn’t.
Too much, too little.
Eventually sadistic.
Moreover too long.
Is it too short?
Maybe, a little off kilter.
Always deranged.
A little insane.
Another winner
Without a game.
And so waylayed
I’m so engraved
Broken and tattered
Left in pain.

“A Cry for Revolution”
Health is like unsettling
It’s a feeling of immense
Aggrevation and suffering.
Sadly, our purpose is weak
But a tragedy,
A mistake in upbringing
Or an accident.
A mutation brought on through
Natural selection.
Dawrinist rebels planning
Genetic revolution.
Twisted abominations
Of fabricated substances.
Bent on LSD and other malicious substances.
Sadly our purposes are weak.
And indeed their forces
Intentions may be evil.
But no one buys into good anymore.
Even I am a victim of that.
Which is why we must fight the moral decline.
We must burn down the established order
And wreak havoc upon those who
Stand in the way of enlightenment.
Not through senseless fighting
But through kind words
Sadly our purposes are weak
In the minds of the public.
Our replublic is futile
The sith will strike full force
And we the jedi will perish.
for we the light seekers
Are so few in number
So we are faced with a decision.
One that will mold the outcome of fate forever.
We must decides
Will we go silently and quickly into the night?
Or will we die!
fighting for whats right and good in the world.

“The Fallen”
Sentries of the serpent
Bellow out in range.
Beaten by the ancient
And bound forever in
Lust, pride, gluttony.
Bound by the sins of their hands.
Foresaken forever by those above.
Banished by that being
O’ the one who is called the one.
He is a power from here and above,
the purpose of this place.
the lion and the lamb.
An ancient whisper
A sacred tremor.
Where you are to be bound
You were to be silenced
By he who you were fooled
To be your brother
For the fallen has you in his grasp.
So what I mean you will not ask
For you know yourself well.
What I have said
Be forwarned of the liar.
He will be your favorite one.


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