Days 95, 96, and 97 (End Part 3)

“The Abyss” Day Ninety Five
I look forward into the abyss
Hoping to god I don’t miss this.
The glimmer of hope at the end of the day.
Voices in my head saying, “It’ll be okay!”
So put down my defenses, this good enough?
I’ll watch for you everyday until the end, and even then,
My eyes are open all the time,
Except for when their closed.
I think you had it figured out for a moment,
That’s just life as you begin to grasp it.
The ground beneath your feet slips away.
You try to hold on but you can’t grip it right.
And it’s the point I’m trying to convey,
Try and try as you may.
To try and find a method in the madness,
A pattern to this seed of decay.
And maybe you’ll figure out a way.
To make it another day.

“Puppet & Puppeteer”
You are the puppet,
And the puppeteer.
So who do you really fear?
The sight of yourself,
Or the knowledge you are controlled
By somebody else?

“Buried” Day Ninety Six
You will bury yourself
In the decaying wastes.
you will regret life,
And loathe death.
You’d much prefer to sulk,
In the outskirts of existence.

He knows your reluctance.
“How,” you ask?
Look over your shoulder
You’ll see his face.
If you don’t watch your step,
He’ll have you by the throat.

“Don’t” Day Ninety Seven
Don’t be held back,
By a wretch like me.
Your like an angel
And if you let me keep you here.
And never broaden your horizons.
And live a half life (lie)
I would no doubt die.

Water Splash

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“Two Against One”
I won’t give up.
Hell no, I won’t back down.
Fuck sitting down
I’m gonna stand on my own two feet.
Keep my head up high,
My back straight.
I’m gonna launch myself high,
Straight up to the moon.
No matter where you go.
I’ll be right there too.
So keep your head up girl.
Distance don’t mean nothing.
When it’s two against one.

One Response to “Days 95, 96, and 97 (End Part 3)”
  1. Two Against One–Powerfully passionate!
    All these pieces flowing out from you are so good–and good for you. Let them come, dear young man.

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