Day 92

“Build up the Walls”
When I build up the walls,
I don’t wish them to fall,
And I scream out in vein,
going totally insane.
So speak up,
And come out be heard.
I just wanna find out,
What’s right.

“Not Even I”
I’m rushing through nothing
Taking on everything
Deciding which way to turn.
Which way to go,
Nobody, not even I, Know.

“This grave you dug.”
Insidious wrongs paramount,
You are faced with a daunting concept
One that could change everything.
There are not democrats,
Or are their republicans.
There are no difference between you and I.
Even though you worship a donkey,
And he worships an elephant,
And the color of my skin is unimportant,
It’s important to focus on the important points.
Hatred does not matter,
Fear is not pertinent.
I Your life is too short.
I hope you can see it;
Everyone is more important than your petty oppositions.
So listen and they will listen,
Let them speak then you may speak,
And give everyone a chance,
I’m tired of my voice being swept under the rug.
I don’t want to die in this grave you dug.

Opened doors are closed to me.
For I cannot clearly see.
Speak and you will be heard.
Take note or you will be burned.


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