Day 89, 90, and 91



the Janitor of Lunacy - 1985

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“Lunacy” Day 89
I’m prone to straight forward lunacy,
But no one can understand me,
“Slightly, not fully,” they say.
I guess I’m like a T.V. show.
Parts of me are obvious to see,
While others you remain oblivious to.

“Always” Day 90
When it ends,
It will begin
Haven’t heard that before,
I bet.
All the end is
Another beginning.
That’s how it goes,

“Save it None.” Day 91
I told you so,
To tell you no,
To say, you know,
For all you give
And even saved,
To save it sent.
And have it gone,
Send it on son.
To save it none.


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