Day 87 and Day 88


“Upset” Day 87
Sorry for the upset,
Anger in the off set.
Vibrations of a new moon.
Setting off the gundrops,
Nightmares of the limelight,
Oh, oh, no no no no.

Vocabulary is secondary,
And slightly rudimentary
Worth a quick buck.
Then shot down like a shmuck.

Power of Calm

Image by ecstaticist via Flickr

“Without Inspiration”
When you can’t come up with anything,
You gotta start improvising,
Throw some words together randomly,
And hope they make sense in context.
So since my inspiration has taken form.
As something without inspiration,
Those who think I’m bullshiting them,
This could be a masterpiece,
These words are sadly mistaken,
For trying and aspiration.
So I whisper slightly and tell the truth.
“This started out inspirationless, then the first line became inspiration.”

“Cookie Cutter Poetry.”
Ha ha,
I’m good at bullshitting.
Pulling voices out of my ass,
Like pulling a rabbit out of a hat.
It’s just a skill maybe it’s luck.
Like black jack,
Don’t know what you get,
Till you get it, and thats good.
So you see my predicament,
Ah hahaha, I get it.
I’m playing you right now.
This isn’t inspired either,
It’s put together in a formula.
It’s cookie cutter poetry.
But it’s got you buttered up surely.

“The Power of 8”
Sometimes it flows from me like a river,
Then days I don’t even get a drop.
And thats when I start counting each step.
These words are then chosen purposefully and wisely.
So that the time and thought becomes art.
And really I’m just pulling you a long.
Then eventually I just can do this easily.
Making sentences with eight words is like breathing.

It then becomes second nature on its own.
And society is like this, playing the system.
They try to make themselves look like geniouses.
Your minds are being mocked, way too easily.
They’ve got a formula for just about everything.
No matter how you try staying on top.
They will knock you back on the floor,
But you can pretend your falling on shit.

Proceed then at returning fire at your foe.
You know the way the system works right?
So fire at will, strike them now quickly.
Do what you do best, and stand up!
Take up the fight, you need this now!
Go on get up, don’t let them win!
I know I keep saying this stupid shit,
But come on, I wouldn’t play you right?


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