Day 85 (Part 2)

“Momma, I’m your bouncin baby boy”
Is this what you expected to see,
When I came out of your womb?
What did you see you wantin me to be?
Did you see this face?
See my eyes?
Did you think I’d ever fly?
Did you see a soldier,
Maybe I am, but a soldier of words,
Not a soldier of war.
Maybe I am,
But a soldier of words.
Countin down the seconds of not knowing when I’ll get my Death.
So listen up just for an instant.
I am alike,
I am well.
Even with a little blood spilt.

“Dearly Beloved,”
Dearly beloved I am down on my knee’s,
Dearly beloved I am begging you please,
Dearly beloved I Won’t you come back to me?

Here is the red ring of death,
Focusing in on your final breath;
It’s before you sacrifice arm and leg,
On something you don’t need, so you beg.
You beg to whoever may be listening,
Never before did you pray for anything.
Shut your mouth, listen closely.
I don’t like fucking phonies.
I don’t pray at all.
Because I don’t know the truth.
So what makes you so good?
Shut your mouth you fake,
I’m getting sick of it.

Everything is a shade of grey,
Throughout this dismay.

“Breaking Ground”
Just as I thought I’d be breaking ground,
It had to go and collapse again.
So I’m stuck here I can’t get back up.
Guess I have no life left.
Say goodbye to celebration.
I’ve lost this round.
So say goodbye.

“War Never Changes”
War, war never changes,
As people never change.
That is hard bound truth.
A villian says hello,
But the hero says goodbye.
Oh hark how they cry out.
They beg you, lord, for you!
The wish for you to stay,
No hope in disaster,
Oh hark the demon’s sing.


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