Day 84 & Day 85 (Part 1)

Hey readers its the poet again. I just wanted to let you know there may be more poems for today October 19th, but I wrote this new one today that I just wanted to share after posting the poems for yesterday the 18th. So here’s the 18th and the first poem of the 19th. Bon apetite.

“I will become death.” Day 84
I beg to be forgotten,
Before I’m taken for something I’m not,
I beg to be lost, like a ghost.
I wish to phase out of existance,
Long enough to escape the jaws of death,
I want to become death, and live.

I am lost,
I’m dreaming.
Here tomorrow,
Gone today.

You’ll notice me,
Listen to me breathe,
Agrevated when I scream!

I have lost my soul,
To the open road,
I want to gather dreams,
So my demons can no longer sing.

“We Be Wearing the Same Shoes” Day 85
Take a dive,
I know how that goes.
I’ve already been down there before.
I didn’t take the fall.
But I fell all the same.


Image by Repoort via Flickr

“Homie you Owe me,”
He tells me,
Nah I’m sorry,
Haven’t been myself lately,
I don’t owe you nothin,
So don’t be goin supernova,
I can’t help you,
Man you gotta help yourself!

“Oh but boy,
You shot me in the back.”

Yeah bro,
And you strapped me to the floor.
And I know you don’t care,
Because I held you with a gun.
Yeah can’t help but apologize,
Even though my words don’t matter,
Because my brain is mush and batter.
So calm down homie,
I don’t owe you nothin no more.

I’ll let you know when I’m better,
I gotta help my self and my girl first.
Wait I think I’ve heard that one before.
But it’s the truth comin from my lips.
Because she’s the first to listen to my words,

How does it feel to know,
We be wearing the same shoes.


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